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Champion Picks: Week 9

The Champion Meta Analysis article is a helpful resource for determining which Champion’s you should pick for your Captain each week.  If you are unsure

The Deep Dive: Week 8b

In this week’s Deep Dive Tim discusses Bjergsen’s underappreciated play for Team Solomid in the LCS Spring 2020 regular season.

The Deep Dive: Week 8a

What’s Wrong With Team Liquid? Team Liquid currently holds a 6-8 record in the 2020 LCS Spring split, tied for seventh with the Golden Guardians

The Deep Dive: Week 7

In this weeks Deep Dive we take a look at FlyQuest with their recent success and ask the question ‘are they the real deal?’

The Deep Dive: Week 6

Each week on The Deep Dive, Tim Sevenhuysen analyzes an element of the LoL esports scene. This week he dives into the LEC and the fight for first place.

The Deep Dive: Week 5

By the time LCS playoffs roll around, will anyone be able to compete with Cloud9?

The Deep Dive: Week 4

The Bot lane role is probably the most straightforward in League of Legends: your job is to farm better than your lane opponent and deal

Don’t Count Out Goldenglue

JonnytheAussie sat down with Goldenglue from the Golden Guardians after their loss to TSM. Often players aren’t in great spirits after a loss, but GoldenGlue

Is Shernfire Feeling The Pressure?

I sat down with Team Liquid’s Shernfire to discuss his entry into the LCS, filling in for Broxah and the challenges he has faced so far. You

The Deep Dive: Week 3

“I definitely think that this team, this roster, is a strict upgrade over the [2019] roster.” Sam “Kobe” Hartman-Kenzler, during 2020 Spring preseason A “strict

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New Feature: Player Cards

We have added Player Cards to the E1 Fantasy platform. You will now be able to see a range of player stats broken down by each each game!

Pick and Avoid: Week 9

In Pick and Avoid Week 9, we take a look at who is a must have and who you should avoid this week in the LCS/LEC.