Patch Notes 1.1: Open Beta & More!

There is some huge news we are super excited to share with all our E1 Fantasy users:
🎉We are now in Open Beta
🏆 Private Leaderboards have been added
📧 Directly invite friends to your Leaderboard

👨‍💻Set a new lineup every week
🎮Everyone can play E1 Fantasy now 👉Click Here👈


Until now, E1 Fantasy has been in Closed Beta. This meant only a select group of people have been able to utilize the platform (everyone else was placed on the wait list).

What does Open Beta mean? There is no longer a wait list! You can now invite your friends directly into the platform. 


You can now set up a Private Leaderboard for you and your friends!

Follow these simple steps:
1. Click on ‘Leaderboards’  
2. Then ‘Create/Join’
3. Click on ‘Create’
4. Name your Leaderboard
5. Then invite your friends (see section below)


As mentioned above, you can now directly invite your friends to join your Private Leaderboard

All you need to do is to copy the link (shown in the Gif) and share it with your friends. The best part is we are now in Open Beta so they will be able to join the platform instantly.

If you want to find some new friends to play with, you can join our E1 Fantasy Discord!


👨‍💻 Start setting your new lineup every Tuesday!

You’ll need to set a new lineup every week as the salaries will change. Make sure to save your lineup by Friday as rosters lock at 8:00am PST.

Weekly Prizes:

Remember we give away weekly prizes, so don’t worry if you are struggling.

For example in Week 3 Deschumi won the $1000 prize for highest score! 💰

Additional Resources:

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